How to choose the right language course:

Make informed, realistic choices and ask yourself the following questions:

  •  How much time and energy can I spend on it?
  •  What are my aims?
  •  What kind of learner am I? What is my preferred learning style?
  • Do I want to have an individual course or learn in a small group?

How to prepare for the course:

  • Take a test to check your current knowledge.
  • Dig out notes from school or language courses you attended in the past.
  • Speak English with a friend or with yourself.
  • Watch some of your favourite films in English.
  • Buy English books or magazines and read them aloud.
  • Look for some interesting websites for language learners on the Internet.

How to behave during the course:

  • Be aware and accept differences as enriching experiences.
  • Experiment with new ways of learning.
  • Be curious and ask lots of questions.
  • Be honest with your teacher when you have problems.
  • Be proactive and let your teacher know what helps you and what you don’t find so useful.
  • Participate in the course and speak as much as possible.
  • Be a good team member.
  • Work with different students in your group and benefit from the variety.
  • Give feedback and ask for feedback.
  • Take responsibility of your learning. Write down and correct your mistakes.
  • Be organized: find a system for recording your notes.
  • Expand your vocabulary by continuously looking up important words and phrases.
  • Take self-study seriously. Review and rework your notes between lessons and check your progress.
  • Find people outside of the course who you can speak to for practice.
  • Have fun! Always include some activities that you enjoy a lot.